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Mot-clefs : pkgdb

PackageDB-cli 1.1.0

Pierre-Yves Chibon


Version 1.1.0 du client text pour pkgdb.

Release 1.1.0 of the command-line interface for pkgdb.

English version (no French)

I have pushed to testing few days ago a new version of packagedb-cli (aka pkgdb-cli).

With this new version:

  • You can adopt an orphaned package
  • The user name if not specified can be retrieved from the fedora_cert file (if presents)
  • If the package is orphaned, it is now highlighted
  • Approve all the request for someone but only the requested ACLs (not all ACLs)

There has also been some bugs fixed thanks to sochotni and ppisar who reported them on the trac.

Feel free to test and comment the updates:

PackageDB-cli 1.0.0

Pierre-Yves Chibon


Version 1.0.0 du client text pour pkgdb.

Release 1.0.0 of the command-line interface for pkgdb.

English version (no French)

This morning has just been reviewed and approved the rpm for packagedb-cli (Thanks Elad!).

I am waiting for the SCM to be validated and I will upload and build this first release.

I am looking forward to hear your suggestions, comments and bug reports on the trac of the project

PS: If you rebuild the src.rpm from the review, I was pointed out that the USAGE in --help is not quite accurate, this is already fixed in git and will fixed at import.


Pierre-Yves Chibon


Un client text pour pkgdb.

A command-line interface for pkgdb.

English version (no French)

With the help and advices from abadger1999 I have recently been working on pkgdb-cli, a command line version of the famous tool pkgdb.

The idea behind this tool is to allow you to do everything you do on pkgdb without having to use the website. Using it, you can therefore:

  • request ACL for a package
  • approve/deny ACL to someone's ACL request
  • orphan a package
  • check the ACL for a package
  • list the package for a user
  • list all the package in pkgdb
  • and some more :-)

The code is now in a decent shape, nothing fancy but it should work and for now what it needs is testers.

So if you have to request/approve/deny acl, if you want to see the list of packages owned by someone, if you what to check the ACL for your packages and if you feel like, feel free to test it.

And of course, if you run into bugs please report them !

PS: Also Thanks to Haikel for his help

Get pkgdb info (2)

Pierre-Yves Chibon


Amélioration du script pour pkgdb.

Improvement of the script to query pkgdb.

English version

I made some changes to my script to query pkgdb. It now returns the group which can commit, the comaintainers (with their rights) and this for all branches or just one.

The script

French version

J'ai fait quelques modifications à mon script qui récupère les informations de pkgdb. Maintenant, les comainteneurs (avec leur droits) et les groupes qui peuvent commiter sur le paquet sont affichés et ce pour toutes les branches ou juste pour une.

Le script


$ ./pkgdb.py R-qtl f14
Fedora Package Database -- R-qtl
Tools for analyzing QTL experiments
f14   Owner:          ellert
     Group:          provenpackager
       pingou        watchbugzilla watchcommits  commit        
     Last build:     2011-01-20 by ellert for R-qtl-1.19.20-1.fc14 in Updates
$ ./pkgdb.py guake devel
Fedora Package Database -- guake
Drop-down terminal for GNOME
devel Owner:          pingou
     Group:          packager        provenpackager
       maxamillion   watchbugzilla watchcommits                
     Last build:     2011-02-09 by ausil for guake-0.4.2-3.fc15 in Updates