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Pierre-Yves Chibon


Automate some of the step needed for a review

Automatiser quelques unes des étapes pour la revue d'un paquet RPM

English format

One month ago I was presenting a small script to automate to a certain point R review.

Since then, I have quickly been working on re-factoring the code to make it hopefully cleaner and more flexible.

The script works really simply, give it a src.rpm or a url and it will download the src.rpm, download the sources of the package, compare the sha1sum with upstream, install the srpm, build it locally and if the local build worked, start a scratch build on koji and run rpmlint on the generated rpm.

This is made for any package, but according to the name of the package more functionality can be added. I already added the function specific for R reviews, but I would like to know if person from PHP-Pear/Pcl or from Perl would also be interesting to add their own method in this script.

Again the goal is not to replace to reviewer but more to make his task easier also by automating some of the mandatory steps (such as the local build, the sha1sum of the srpm vs the upstream sources or running rpmling). It is not meant to replace a human reviewer but more to assist him.

The script is available at: http://pingou.fedorapeople.org/reviewHelper.py

Let me know if you find it interesting.


Pierre-Yves Chibon


A script to help to review R packages

Un script pour aider à faire des revues de paquets R

English version

There has been a bunch of new R review submitted to the redhat Bugzilla lately and I have been doing some.

R is easy to package (R2spec being of some help on that) and quite boring to review. The package needs to follow the guidelines but after that besides the license, potential warning at build time and the dependencies there isn't much to check.

So in order to make my life easier I have written a small script that automates a number of steps for me.

There is what it does from a srpm:

  • check for the latest version
  • download the src.rpm
  • install the src.rpm
  • download sources
  • sha1sum of the sources
  • sha1sum of the sources from src.rpm
  • check that R-core is in the Requires line
  • check that R-devel is in the BuildRequires line
  • check that tex(latex) is in the BuildRequires line
  • check that %dir */R/library/%{packname} is present
  • check that %doc concerns at least doc, html, DESCRIPTION, NEWS and print the other
  • check the %install
  • check that there is coherence between noarch and datadir
  • check that there is not both datadir and libdir in a spec
  • build locally the rpm and run rpmlint on them
  • start a build on koji for the src.rpm

This output looks like this:

$ python Scripts/R-autoreview.py -s R-caTools-1.10-2.fc12.src.rpm * Latest version packaged
Target is already in the folder, no need to re-download it 
e9f393dbfe3928448ccdc40dd011987d73acce9b  caTools_1.10.tar.gz
e9f393dbfe3928448ccdc40dd011987d73acce9b  /home/pierrey/rpmbuild/SOURCES/caTools_1.10.tar.gz
* sha1sum are equals
* All required Requires are present
! R-core is present more than once
* All required BuildRequires are present
* There is 1 %dir
  %dir is OK
* There is 2 %doc
  %doc is OK
* The rpm installed in _libdir
* The rpm seems to have the required element in %install
* The rpm uses %{_libdir} and is arch
rpmbuild -ba /home/pierrey/rpmbuild/SPECS/R-caTools.spec > R-caTools.spec-build.log 2>&1 
* Build properly under
* rpmlint:
R-caTools.src: W: spelling-error %description -l en_US cumsum -> cum sum, cum-sum, cums um
R-caTools.x86_64: W: spelling-error %description -l en_US cumsum -> cum sum, cum-sum, cums um
3 packages and 0 specfiles checked; 0 errors, 2 warnings. 
Scratch build on koji for target f14
* Koji build: http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/taskinfo?taskID=2184735
  0 free  0 open  3 done  0 failed
  2184735 build (dist-f14, R-caTools-1.10-2.fc12.src.rpm) completed successfully
* Check the sources for license
* Check the build, log for Warning & co

This script is available at: http://pingou.fedorapeople.org/R-autoreview.py